March 24, 2023
Data Scientist
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Job Description


Experience with these technologies is an advantage:

We are a tech company focused on data, cloud and AI. Our aim is to improve the working of our society through technology, algorithms and data. Our presence on the market dates since 2016, now there are almost 40 of us and growing, we’re in the TOP 10 fastest growing tech companies in central Europe.

What do we do?

We develop data applications for corporations and start-ups across the whole world. Our focus covers advanced data analysis,machine learning, cloud, artificial intelligence and development of apps, all using the latest technologies on the market. We deliver entire data-oriented solutions, all the way from source data to user application and we also work on our own products. Our clients are from various industries, such as logistics, power engineering, finance or retail, so countless options to improve the working of our society!

Are we looking for you?

BigHub consists of a diverse team of developers, data scientists, data engineers or cloud specialists. We work in small teams, in an informal, friendly environment, and like to have fun together even after work. Right now we are looking for experienced engineers,but also skilled budding developers. We expect enthusiasm, drive, and a desire to learn new stuff and of course love for data.❤️ Is that you? Let us know at!