June 24, 2022
BigHub is expanding the team by four new people

BigHub was founded more than five years ago. Since then we have successfully delivered over  50 projects for 16 clients coming from 5 industries helping to optimize various processes worldwide. We managed to grow into one of the fastest organically growing data and cloud consulting companies in the Czech Republic. We are even more excited to welcome 4 new members to our team.

At BigHub we welcome this month 3 new ML/Data experts - Petr Pokorný, Mark Butov, Tibor Košt'ál, and a new project manager Uyen Giang Nguyen (Hana).

We excitedly welcomed Petr as a Data Engineer and developer. He has had a supercool scientific career as an Assistant Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague where he also received his Ph.D. in applied optics and is a pending candidate for an Associate Professorship. He cooperated on many research projects focused on active optical elements and received several student awards. Petr worked closely with Exact Control System a.s. and as a chief researcher, he was responsible for developing applications for automated acquisition and postprocessing of spatial laser scanning data and modeling optimal design for milling road pavement surfaces.

Some may be surprised to learn that Petr has also been teaching Latin dance for 11 years! 

We are also pleased to welcome Mark Butov. Mark is a final year Master's student at the University of Economics in Prague. Economics is fine, but data engineering is data engineering. 😊 Mark liked this field very much, even so much that he started to learn programming himself a few years back. Today, he is not only a self-taught Python expert but also has advanced knowledge of databases and application development. And what's his next goal?  "I am interested and motivated to further develop myself in the field of data engineering and cloud technologies," he says. 

The BigHub team is expanding with Tibor Košt'ál as well. Tibor has a thirst for knowledge, which became even stronger in the laboratories.  He is a final year student at the Department of Solid-State Engineering FNSPE CTU. His studies focus on the deposition of superconducting thin films using the IJD method. His master thesis is closely related to lasers and their application in the industry.  However, physics and data engineering are not his only hobbies. He also spends his free time in the mountains or on the dance floor. 

All three engineers now meet on a new large project focused on applying Machine Learning to fraud detection in global logistics.

Finally, we are happy to onboard a new project manager - Uyen Giang Nguyen (Hana). She previously worked as Business Development Manager for Defense & Intelligence at SpaceKnow, where she was responsible for Bid Management or Business Development. Her responsibilities included partnership management and within that, she worked with the Czech Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Transport, advisors from the European Space Agency, and the EU Agency for the Space Programme.

Hana will help us coordinate various projects for our customers and our internal activities and help us move our delivery and business process even further.

I am thrilled that BigHub is expanding so steadily. Moreover, when real experts come into the team, to help us create a better service offering for our customers. I look forward to working closely with all the new joiners on a new challenging project we have been preparing for the last couple of months.” said Tomáš Hubínek, Co-founder & COO at BigHub s.r.o.

BigHub implements end-to-end data applications, using AI/ML and state-of-the-art frameworks, for well-established companies as well as promising startups around the world.