October 25, 2022
Celebrating Our Fifth Birthday: BigHub journey

In BigHub, we have implemented more than 40 projects over the past five years. We worked for 15 corporations and 1 startup and helped them to build their data competence in logistics, utilities, finance and digital marketing. Thanks to the global reach of our clients, we can proudly say that our work is helping millions of people all over the world with their daily lives. From a turnover of 2.3 M in the very first year of 2017, after years of gradual organic growth, we reached 44 M in 2020. And we continue to grow in 2021. However, numbers do not show the whole picture, because there is a story behind every single project.

Of the three friends who founded BigHub 5 years ago, there is now a community of more than 30 personalities united by a love of data. Both we and our company have matured, have improved in many ways, and we will need to continue in it because we are still facing many important challenges ahead of us.

BigHub began to form around friends and classmates from the FNSPE CTU in the field of Software Engineering Applications. Now there are 11 FNSPE graduates in BigHub, but also graduates of many other great universities. We also have several Ph.D., for example, in the field of particle physics, astrophysics, or geoinformatics.

The field of data processing, data analysis, and AI, even after years, forms the core of our work. However, it also makes us happy to participate in the initial idea and business analysis. Our goal is to bring every project through all data and analytical parts to the final form, ie, a beneficial application used by end-users. That's why we now also have business analysts, infrastructure team, developers, and software engineers at BigHub.

We always try to work efficiently to create reusable solutions, not always starting from scratch. Therefore, we emphasize the generality of the implementation and the quality of the code. We have managed to form our first product in the last year, which is already successfully running at the client - ELIoT is a cloud-based IoT platform that addresses the collection, processing, management, and unification of data across the various IoT devices provided. It provides an effective tool for the administration and management of these solutions. You will soon find out more about it on our website!

What else are we preparing?


We will focus on the further development of ELIoT as a product, and our existing clients are a great source of new challenges. In addition, we are trying to make a breakthrough in healthcare. We are launching the first project in that space and working to establish cooperation with companies where we see the potential to expand AI into everyday life


Applied research, not only in healthcare is also related to our cooperation with the academic and scientific spheres. We have been relatively passive over the last year also due to the covid restrictions, but we are already preparing several activities to deepen our partnerships and cooperation with our alma mater FNSPE CTU, FIT CTU and the University of Chemistry and Technology. We also have other product ideas that we want to explore - our goal here is to make software with greater scalability than individual-specific solutions.


Over the years, we have enjoyed much fun outside of the work environment. We had dozens of joint events and many experiences, for example from a diving course in Croatia, bike trips, curling, paintball, climbing, disc golf, football, soccer golf, laser game, ping pong, several escape games, board games, go-karts, but also, for example, only barbecues, cellars or sitting with a beer. We are also thrilled that we still meet a lot in the office over coffee or table football, which is an essential part of the mosaic of our company culture. We want to keep this in BigHub even today when many companies are moving towards remote work.

However, not everything was always easy, shiny and pink. Sometimes we bit more than we could chew. A lot of the time we were under pressure and had a hard time finding the right way forward. We had to deal with many unexpected problems both at work and personally. We were far from complete consensus on the next direction several times. Sometimes we evaluated the situation incorrectly and did not choose the best solution.

However, so far we have always come out of every difficult situation stronger and learned to work better with each other. Over the years, we have gradually formed, shaped, and composed BigHub from the diversity of various personalities, ideas, opinions, and expectations into their current form. The reason why it works is the fact that we all share the same vision, an essential unifying element for us, and we have built strong foundations of the company on top of it. We are united behind our goal to help with our world's data and AI transformation, and we are ready to do our best in the years to make the world around us a little better again. Thanks to all of you for supporting us!