June 16, 2022
BigHub is a proud DATA mesh partner
DATA mesh

BigHub has become a proud partner of #DATA mesh. This informal and regular meetup focuses on data and everything that happens around it. Data engineers, analysts, data scientists or Al startups founders will find their peers right there, in K7 club.

An informal regular meetup full of latest data gossip where you can attend talks from anybody who loves data - from legendary startup founders to junior data enthusiasts. We’re talking about the DATA mesh meetup, of which we are a partner. 

"We were looking for a place where we could meet informally to discuss and share experience from interesting projects with each other. That's why we decided to do regular data meetups," says Karel Šimánek, CEO of BigHub and one of the organizers and founders of DATA Mesh.

The meetup is held every month at the K7 club in Prague's Vršovice and visitors can enjoy short but inspiring presentations from various fields with people who have real experience with data and ML applications. Of course, there is also an afterparty, where you can make great contacts, and play the legendary Atomic Bomberman game for awesome prizes.

In total, there have been five meetups already with guests like Sara Polak, Jan Kučera from Datamole, Lukáš Jelínek from Pocket Virtuality or Jan Šindera from Nano energies.

Interesting? Then come! Same place, same drive, same concept, and a million interesting topics. The capacity is limited, so don't wait too long to register.